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Rob Donison
Executive Director
Qu’Appelle Valley Friendship Centre
185 Victoria Avenue South, Box 240,
Fort Qu’Appelle, SK. S0G 1S0
Phone: (306) 332-5616


“The Qu’Appelle Friendship Centre is the central gathering place – a lighthouse of hope – an oasis in the dessert of struggle in the urban Indigenous community of Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. Everyday, people through our doors are welcomed in the true spirit of friendship and are assisted in a variety of ways or referred to one of our programming partners for assistance to meet their needs. There are successes of all kinds every day, but we are highlighting just a few of the many below:
Example 1: A first Nations teen who grew up in the urban area has been relying on the Friendship Centre for moral and personal support. He has battled with struggles within his family and has relied on the Friendship Centre as his second home. He also participates in pro-social and recreational activities and frequents the facility in the evenings. This has helped him  stay  out  of  gang  activity,  substance  abuse  and  trouble  with  the  law.  He  recently  won  silver  in  a  national  boxing championship and has his sights set on gold at the next Olympics.
Example 2: A young First Nations man was drifting homeless from Fort Qu’Appelle to Regina to Edmonton to Calgary. He would wonder around aimlessly back and forth from community to community and was almost freezing through the winter. We were able to provide him with a stable home and crucial support that enabled him to begin to examine himself and  enable  us  to  identify  barriers  to  him  succeeding  in  life.  The  young  man  required  intensive,  ongoing  support,  and enhanced programs and services that the Friendship Centre alone was able to provide.
Example 3: The Qu’Appelle Valley Friendship Centre has provided large First Nations families access to First Nations elder
and provided a gathering place in the urban area with a range of supports that helped them to find stability and support, referral to funding for living expenses and programming to help them begin to explore individual and collective goals. Their lives continue to move from a place of extreme struggle, hopelessness and despair to one where there are hope for the future as individuals and the family.” Rob Donison, Executive Director.



2018/19 Fund Allocations

Organizational Capacity - $171,266.50

Programs and Services - $58,103.90