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As part of the new Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples program, Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan (AFCS) will be launching a call for proposals for projects that will support Friendship Centres delivering a broad range of programs and services to urban Indigenous peoples.

Project funding will be broad enough to provide the flexibility to address a wide range of locally-identified issues, provided that they are not already funded or eligible to be funded by other federal departments.

Project funding is available for up to five years under the following six key areas:

  1. women (such as projects to help women transition out of shelters)
  2. vulnerable populations (such as projects for persons with addictions, disabilities, seniors)
  3. youth (such as projects that provide land-based activities, mentoring)
  4. transition services (such as navigator services)
  5. outreach programs (such as cultural awareness training for non-Indigenous organizations)
  6. community wellness (such as housing plans or studies, anti-racism, pre employment supports)


The Programs and Services Stream provides funding support for projects. Funding provided to projects must be for specific activities and is not to be used to support an organization's ongoing operations, is not intended to supplement a shortage of funding under another program or initiative of any order of government, or support an already successful program or initiative, especially as a repetitive delivery offering.