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Gladys Joseph
Executive Director
North West Friendship Centre
205 Centre Street, Box 1780
Meadow Lake, SK. S9X 1Z2
Phone: (306) 236-3766


“I believe that our success story would be from coming from a staff of only three people back in the early seventies to a staff of approximately 60 people with some very distinctive programs. Programs that support families and build stability and a healthier living environment within their homes. For example, last summer a husband and wife, who were on one of our programs came to visit their children that were apprehended  by  Ministry  of  Social  Services.  The  children  were  staying  with  foster  parents  at  that  time  and  the  foster parents would bring the children in to visit their parents through our Home Visit Program. Meanwhile the parents were also receiving help from our Family Support Workers, regarding budgeting, parenting skills, assistance in dealing with their addictions etc. with the hope of getting their children back Around the end of summer the husband came in to get some coffee and told me that after one more visit they would get their children back. I told him that, that was wonderful. He was so excited that it brought tears to my eyes feeling happiness for him. It is really awesome that our centre can do something so worthwhile in our community that it can change people’s lives around so that they have something worthwhile to look forward to. This is a wonderful feeling and gives our centre more credibility in our community.” – Gladys Joseph, Executive Director.



2018/19 Fund Allocations

Organizational Capacity - $180,436.83

Programs and Services - $113,977.34