• P: 306-955-0762
Leonard Montgrand
Executive Director
La Loche Friendship Centre
4011 Fontaine Avenue
Box 580
La Loche, SK. S0M 1G0
Phone: (306) 822-2606


“This year we have had numerous success stories probably one of the top ones is once again receiving the 2017 Friendship Centre award of Excellence. That is twice in two years. The  community  garden  that  we  established  in  our  first  year  was  a  huge  success  and  we  managed  to  ensure  that  the community received the produce free of charge. The other success story was having our Provincial Metis Housing Corporation approve for the third year of our Homeless Kitchen Program to feed low income and homeless folks free of charge.” – Leonard Montgrand, Executive Director



2018/19 Fund Allocations

Organizational Capacity - $204,999.80

Programs and Services - $113,977.34