• P: 306-955-0762
Ron Woytowich
Executive Director
Kikinahk Friendship Centre
320 Boardman Street
Box 254
La Ronge, SK. S0J 1L0
Phone: (306) 425-2051


“Kikinahk is an extremely busy friendship centre that provides many programs and services in our community. Operating out  of  two  centres,  our  main  centre  (20,000  square  feet)  has  a  gym,  classroom,  headstart pre-kindergarten  and  a  full kitchen to serve our community. Our second location which is rented, provides a homeless shelter and a daily help and support centre for street persons with mental health or addictions problems.

1. Without the scattered sites location and the homeless shelter, people in this community would die. In fact, this community averaged at least one frozen death prior to providing this service. We have provided winter shelter for up to 124 different individuals last year, during the period November thru March.

2. Our after-school program averages 24 children each day, and the pictures show their enthusiasm and good feelings. Each child receives a snack after school, and is given the opportunity to complete homework, watch a movie (not daily) take part in crafts, play sports in the gym, or play the new video games. Parents are very appreciative of this
service, which is offered free to the community.

3. Our evening program for youth is a massive success. In this day with gang activity being large, we pride ourselves in providing structured sports activities (schedules daily) in the gym, TV watching as a group (2 giant tv’s), video games, music activities, and food. In fact, the older teen girls are great at making quick after school meals that are
enjoyed by all. Kikinahk spends $25,000 per year buying bulk materials (hamburger, stew meat, soup materials, dessert items – such as cookies, etc.) so that our staff and the teen volunteers can provide a wholesome snack for all attending the evening programming. Again, we are very happy to have help and a partnership with the local
health region staff in both of our locations to provide these needed services.

4. Metis activities, Kikinahk has been able to provide an entire event for Louis Riel Day, for Metis awareness day in our own community, and for children that are of Metis heritage to learn something about their culture. We do this  because  local  Metis  do  not  have  their  facility,  whilst  the  local  La  Ronge  Band  provides  this  for  Aboriginal specific activities on the reserve adjoining our community.” – Ron Woytowich, Executive Director.



2018/19 Fund Allocations

Organizational Capacity - $185,022.00

Programs and Services - $113,977.34