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Janet Carriere
Executive Director
Prince Albert Indian & Metis Friendship Centre
1409 1st Avenue East
Prince Albert, SK. S6V 2B2
Phone: (306) 764-3431


“Our Family Wellness worker started a men’s sharing circle to address violence. The participants in the group were from the Men’s Healing Lodge. When the group began they were big tough hardened criminals. As the weeks progressed they slowly started sharing their stories. Many of them broke down and felt their pain, which they had been avoiding all their life. At the end of the 10 weeks they held a feast. They asked all the women that worked at the Friendship Centre to attend. The men apologized to the women for the violence they had imposed upon women and explained that they wanted to honor them.
We had a man ask to do a practicum at our Friendship Centre. He was attending First Nation University as a social worker student. In his younger days he struggled with many addictions. He spent many years in federal institutions. He was an angry violent man. He started attending cultural ceremonies in institution. He felt a connection to his culture. The elders that worked with him helped him see the real person that Creator meant him to be. Since he attained that awareness he has not looked back. He regularly attends ceremony and everything he does is culturally based. We have since hired him and he is working with federally incarcerated men that are on day parole and soon to be on full parole. He has already made a difference in their lives. He is a success story. Not only for himself but for our Centre and the people that we serve.” – Janet Carriere, Executive Director



2018/19 Fund Allocations

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