• P: 306-955-0762
Myra Malbouf
Executive Director
Ile a la Crosse Friendship Centre
Lajuenesse Ave, Box 160,
Ile a la Crosse, SK. S0M IC0
Phone: (306) 833-2313


"The Ile a la Crosse Friendship Centre continues to be very active within the community and surrounding areas. Along with our 10 Board Members, we have 18 fulltime positions, 3 halftime positions, 4 seasonal positions in partnership with the NV of Ile a la Crosse, and 4 Summer Student positions, 2 are through GDI and the other 2 are through Canada Summer Jobs.


We have a variety of programming and activities that we continue to sponsor through the IFC, the following are:


-Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program – Ile a la Crosse and La Loche

-Aboriginal Head Start – Preschool

-Urban Partnership (Youth) – Youth Centre

-Community Support Program (formerly Youth Reintegration Program) – Youth Centre

-Aboriginal Court Worker Program

-Kids First North Program

-Community Events


All programs named above continues on a daily basis. The Good Food Box is done monthly and is available to all program clients, elders and community members. Weekly Elders activities are completed and daily youth activities occur at the Youth Centre. Preschool staff are done on June 29th and we will have a new class of little ones in September. At this time we are all working hard and preparing for Summer activities such as Canada Day Events and Summer Festival Events, starting July 1 to July 8. Also the yearly Wellness Camp is set for July 31 to August 3.  Along with our daily duties we all volunteer our time in helping each other to make all our events and programs run successfully." - Gwen Daigneault, Executive Director




2018/19 Fund Allocations

Organizational Capacity - $205,000.00

Programs and Services - $113,977.34