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Vice President (Interim President): Jackie Kennedy

Battleford Indian & Metis Friendship Centre

960-103 Street North

Battleford, SK S9A 1K2

Telephone: (306)-445-8216

AFCS Treasurer: Ron Woytowich

Kikinahk Friendship Centre 
Box 254
La Ronge, Saskatchewan 
S0J 1L0

Email: kikinahk@kikinahk.com

Telephone: (306) 425-2051
Fax: (306) 425-3359

Ronald Woytowich is the Executive Director for Kikinahk Friendship Center in La Ronge.

This married (40 years) father of four and proud grandfather of three, has been at Kikinahk for the last 20+ years, coming to the centre in 1995 to fill the role of their bookkeeper, before he became the Executive Director a few years later. This short, chubby, man with the distinguished bald spot (all over) really loves his job, all of the staff, and the community. To him Kikinahk is the best place to work, because, of everything it does for the community.

Ron holds a number of degrees with the one in Public Administration being the most useful, because it has given him the knowledge to maneuver through the Federal and Provincial bureaucracies and funding opportunities open to Aboriginal organizations and Charities. He is also an accountant and is a member of the Canadian Aboriginal Financial Managers Association. Ron also possesses a Pro.Dir designation from the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy respecting Board Governance.

He has been a board member of various other community boards and organizations, including having served on the National Association of Friendship Centres as well. He is currently a board member of Cable Ronge in La Ronge, and is currently the Chair of the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region.

AFCS Secretary: Gladys Joseph

North West Friendship Centre 
Box 254, 205 Centre Street
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan S9X 1Z2

Telephone: 306-236-3766
Fax: 306-236-5451

Gladys Joseph is presently the Executive Director of the North West Friendship Centre in Meadow Lake, SK. She has been involved in the Friendship Centre movement for the past 36 years. Gladys is married and has a daughter, a son, a step daughter and nine grandchildren. Throughout the years she has been involved with the Friendship Centre movement, and has also been a part of the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan, on the board as secretary and treasurer of the organization. She truly believes in the Friendship Centre movement, which has always been a major part of her life.

AFCS National Representative: Janet Carriere

Prince Albert Indian & Metis Friendship Centre

1409 1st Avenue East

Prince Albert, SK S6V 2B2

Telephone: (306)-764-3431

AFCS Youth Representative: Dakota Laliberte

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