• P: 306-955-0762

Jackie Kennedy
Executive Director
Battleford Indian & Metis Friendship Centre
960 130 Street N
North Battleford, SK. S9A 1K2
Phone: (306) 445-8216


“Our  Housing  First  Program  is  a  huge  success,  we  apply  every  year  and  are  successful  in  receiving  funding to  house homeless  individuals  of  the  Battlefords.  We  put  together  our  cultural  program  for  urban  Indigenous  people  to  access Cultural and Spiritual programs and services. Spirituality is a huge part in healing and utilizing Elders and networking with community agencies to assist vulnerable individuals of the Battlefords, so they can heal and begin a healthier journey. We housed over 40 homeless individuals and work with them daily to support and address issues they encompass.” – Jackie Kennedy, Executive Director

2018/19 Fund Allocations

Organizational Capacity - $200,612.00

Programs and Services - $113,977.34