Yorkton Friendship Centre


About the Centre

The Yorkton Friendship Centre is located in Yorkton, Saskatchewan and was incorporated in 1963. The Executive Director of the centre is Darlene Langan.  

Aims and Objectives

  • Assisting the process of integrating and sharing of culture;
  • Acting as a liaison between the people of Aboriginal descent and governments, volunteer agencies, industry and other ethnic groups;
  • Providing social and recreational programs;
  • Promoting Aboriginal culture, particularly in the fields of native language, handicrafts, dances and songs;
  • Maintaining a library on Indian folklore, history and other topics; and
  • Providing and maintaining a referral and counselling service. 

Programs and Services

  • Family Worker
  • Fine Option Program
  • CCAY Program
  • Skills Link Program
  • Young Canada Works Program

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