Young Canada Works (YCW)

The YCW program is no longer in existence. On February 6th, 2014 the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) and the Federal Government announced a major funding realignment that increased the NAFC’s responsibility to deliver a number of key programs. The new Urban Aboriginal Strategy (UAS) consolidated four programs (including YCW) into two programs and will provide greater collaboration and develop partnerships between all levels of government, organizations, urban Aboriginal communities and other stakeholders to increase the participation of urban Aboriginal peoples in Canada’s economy.
Under the new Urban Aboriginal Strategy, there is the Community Capacity Support program which provides core-like funding to Friendship Centres and other urban Aboriginal organizations so they can have a stable base from which to deliver programs and services that increase urban Aboriginal participation in the economy. This stable base is also to be used to attract additional investments by being a platform from which other government programs, from all orders of government, can be delivered to the urban Aboriginal community. For more information visit our webpage at

The second program under the new UAS is the Urban Partnerships Program. Under the Urban Partnerships program, projects that will be considered for funding include initiatives, research and approaches that support increasing the participation of urban Aboriginal individuals and communities in the economy. This program is still under development, however for more information please look for updates on our website at