Urban Partnerships Program: Project Funding




IMPORTANT APPLICATION INFORMATION: This request for proposals will focus on suicide prevention in the northern regions of Saskatchewan (as identified on the approximate funding map as seen below). No applications originating outside these areas will be considered for this second call for proposals.

Important Information Regarding the Urban Partnerships Program Funding

  • RFP Issue Date: Monday January 23, 2017
  • Completed Application with Supporting Documents: Will be assessed as they are received.
  • The funding for this call is at approximately $350,000 to be spent not later than March 31st 2017.
  • To be considered your application must include completed application along with all necessary supporting documentation. Accepted file formats include PDF, Word, and Excel.

The Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan (AFCS) is requesting applications for the 2016-2017 Urban Partnerships Program. The primary goal of this initiative is to create partnerships that support projects to reduce barriers and increase participation in the economy.

Funded projects must be prepared to meet the goals and objectives of their proposal by the project end date: March 31st, 2017

The objective for the Urban Partnerships program is to increase the participation of urban Aboriginal people in the economy. The overarching approach to achieve this outcome is through the development and/or enhancement of partnerships at the community, regional and national level. Urban Partnerships will focus on investments that eliminate barriers to economic participation and will be sensitive to the mandates of other federal initiatives and co-ordinate rather than duplicate efforts/mandates.

Investments made through the Urban Partnerships program will reduce barriers, whether real or perceived, to urban Aboriginal peoples’ participation in the economy by achieving one or more of the following expected results:

  • Urban Aboriginal community groups and organizations will create or strengthen partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders;
  • Partners collaborate on policy, program, planning and projects towards improving socio-economic conditions for urban Aboriginal peoples, with a focus on Aboriginal youth;
  • Projects enable and empower urban Aboriginal youth to access available education, employment and skills development activities and services;
  • Projects ease Aboriginal peoples’ transitions to urban centres from reserves and northern and more remote communities;
  • Projects attract additional investments and leverage resources, infrastructure and supports available to urban Aboriginal peoples.
  • Investments made in the Urban Partnerships program are for projects that:
  • Support in the transitions to cities from reserves, northern, remote communities, and;
  • Attract additional investments to increase participation in the economy.
In order to support the effective implementation of the Urban Partnerships program and to ensure that project funding generates demonstrable results aligned with present day priorities, applicants under the Urban Partnerships program will choose one of the following three available key thematic activity areas; Youth Urban Partnerships,  Innovation, or Social Economy & Social Enterprise.

The final eligibility criteria and reporting documents have been made available below. Download and complete these forms before the deadline to be considered for project funding.
Please carefully read the Request for Proposals Manual to fully understand all the criteria and guidelines for the funding streams.

Urban Partnerships Program: Related Documents

If you are unsure of what constitutes the northern region, please see this "Approximate Map of Funding Regions"

All submissions must correspond with the format of the application and follow the Urban Partnerships Terms and Conditions. 

Submissions must be sent both electronically (email, USB, or CD),


In person with all signed hard copies of the required documentation stored on a USB in appropriately labeled individual files as shown on the application.

Regional Urban Partnerships Contact:

For more information please contact:
Renata Andres, Urban Partnerships Program Manager
Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan
#5 115 Wall Street
Saskatoon, SK S7K 6C2
Telephone: 306-955-0762 ext. 222

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