Indian and Metis Friendship Centre 

  of Prince Albert


About the Centre

The Indian and Metis Friendship Centre of Prince Albert is located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and was incorporated in 1963. The Executive Director of the Centre is Janet Carriere.

Aims and Objectives

  • To identify and cater to the social, cultural and recreational needs of the Aboriginal people and community of Prince Albert and environs, as such needs are ascertained;
  • To initiate community action in respect of those needs set forth in sub paragraph hereof;
  • To enhance community participation by the people of Aboriginal descent;
  • To promote better understanding and relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal citizens.

Programs and Services

  • Family Service Worker
  • Family Wellness Worker
  • Aboriginal Court Worker Program
  • Community Service Order/ Fine Option
  • G.A.N.G - Group Alternative to Native Gangs
  • Resolution Health Support Worker
  • Traditional Elder - IRS
  • Family Liaison Court Worker
  • Fundraising - Bingo, Poker Tournaments, Food Booth, etc.

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