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Friendship Centres have been active in Saskatchewan since 1963 and since then the movement has grown within Saskatchewan to encompass 11 Friendship Centres who are part of the 125 member National Association of Friendship Centres. 

The AFCS advocates for and represents Saskatchewan’s Friendship Centres. Friendship Centres can be found all over the province from North to South, and West to East Saskatchewan. Although still very young, the AFCS is proving to have a very bright future with its growing team of hard working staff.

Programs and Services of the AFCS

Program Administration

AFCS administers programs like Organizational Capacity (OC) program, Programs & Services (PS) Program, and SaskCulture.

Meetings/Event Planning

We handle the planning of Provincial Board Meetings, Accommodations, and Travel Allowances.

Statistical Reporting

We collect statistics for each one of our programs. Data collection, reporting and databases are an integral part of the AFCS.


AFCS is the voice of 11 Friendship Centres in Saskatchewan, and the liaison for Provincial Initiatives and Communications efforts.

The Purposes of the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan are:

  • Promotion of the goals and objectives of its member Friendship Centres and the well-being of the Aboriginal People of Saskatchewan
  • Facilitate communication and cooperation amongst all centres within the province of Saskatchewan
  • Provide information regarding the operation and development of Aboriginal Friendship Centres to the public and in particular to persons of Aboriginal ancestry
  • Negotiate with federal, provincial and municipal governments on matters of concern to the member centres, without depriving said centres the right to negotiate on their own behalf
  • Promote and assist the member centres in their charitable and cultural activities
  • Assist member centres in program development
  • Represent its member centres at the national level, excluding the National Association of Friendship Centres Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Develop the corporation’s activities as the need arises to continue support of its membership
  • Assist member centres with funding information, debt recovery plans, financial negotiation and networking