Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Friendship Centre?

 A Friendship Centre is a not-for-profit urban and rural Aboriginal service delivery infrastructure that provides cultural based Aboriginal programs and services to an Aboriginal population. Although our focus is on delivering cultural based Aboriginal programs and services, we operate under a status-blind policy which means anyone regardless of Aboriginal status can make use of our services and programs.

What is the Friendship Centre Movement?

The Friendship Centre Movement can be defined as the evolution and expansion of Friendship Centres. From their humble beginnings as drop-in centres, today's Friendship Centres have grown into well established and organized social networks.

Do I have to be Aboriginal?

 As previously mentioned, Friendship Centres operate under a status-blind policy. Friendship Centres provide a large number of programs and services in a culturally appropriate manner regardless of race, religion, income or nationality.

How many Friendship Centres are there?

 In Saskatchewan there are currently 11 centres across the province. They can be found in the province from North to South and West to East. As well, across Canada there are a total of 119 Friendship Centres.
There is no Friendship Centre established in my city/town. What is the process of establishing a Friendship Centre?
Contact the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan for more information.

How do I become a member of my Friendship Centre?

Contact your local Friendship Centre for more on membership, membership applications, and membership benefits. Each centre is unique in a sense that they offer programs and services appropriate to the area it is situated in.

What types of programs and services are offered by the Friendship Centres?

Friendship Centres offer programming in education and training, employment opportunities and counseling, health programs, children and youth programs, recreation programs and economic development. They also offer language training, skills development, computer training, work-site placements, nutrition programs, healing circles, alcohol and drug counseling, summer and winter camps, day care centres, youth peer counseling, youth drop-in centres, organized sports and leagues, wilderness training and facility rentals. The list is continuously growing and Friendship Centres are adding more programs and services every year.

Can I volunteer at my Friendship Centre?

Absolutely! Friendship Centres' foundation was built on volunteers and community support. Volunteers are the backbone to Friendship Centres and play a pivotal role in providing culturally appropriate programs and services. Without them, we would not be where we are today. Contact your local Friendship Centre to inquire about volunteering opportunities.

Are Friendship Centres more for adults?

With a strong population of Aboriginal youth in Saskatchewan, it is no wonder many programs and services are youth oriented. We are strong advocates of youth participation and value their opinion and voice. Our programs focus on babies and toddlers all the way up to elders. Everyone is welcome.

Can I arrange a tour at my local Friendship Centre?

Of course! Call your local Friendship Centre and they will be more than happy to make arrangements.