Buffalo Narrows Friendship Centre



About the Centre

The Buffalo Narrows Friendship Centre is located in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. The Executive Director is Brenda Chartier. 


  • To provide a cultural centre for Indian and Metis persons;
  • To provide a general drop in, phone in counseling, resource and referral services services to all persons;
  • To provide community recreational services by hosting or sponsoring recreational activities;
  • To develop volunteer programs which enable people to gain self-confidence and leadership skills;
  • To act as an advocate for Aboriginal peoples, by working with the Metis Nation Local #62, local municipal authorities, government service agencies on behalf of Aboriginal persons who request such assistance.

Programs and Services 

  • Teen & Young Parent Program
  • Aboriginal Head Start
  • Kids First North Home Visitor Program
  • Family Support Program
  • Community School & Recreation Coordinator Program
  • Fine Option/ Community Service Order Program
  • Children Exposed to Violence
  • Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth
  • Young Canada Works for Urban Aboriginal Youth
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