AFCS Provincial Elders Forum

On March 14-15, 2014 the AFCS gathered elders from all over the province's friendship centres to participate in a forum. The first day included speakers John Lagimodiere, owner of Aboriginal Consulting Services, and Howard Walker, a well known pow wow dance announcer and speaker. John Lagimodiere presented topics on Aboriginal history, the Indian Act, Treaties and Aboriginal terminology. Howard Walker then presented some of his experiences and stories within the Friendship Centre movement.They finished the day off with a dreamcatcher making workshop which many of the elders mentioned they really enjoyed.

On Saturday the group gathered in a circle discussion to give us feedback on how to get the provincial elders circle developed. As well we heard many of the concerns and challenges they go through within their communities. AFCS will be working towards developing this elders group/circle in order to have our elder's voice at our table and to make sure their issues and challenges are being heard. They will also be guiding us on how to revitalize culture within our organization as well as within the friendship centres.